Monday, January 26, 2009


Hiya Guys and Gals!

I want to ask any and all who are reading this to quickly join me in prayer right where you're sitting! Let us pray specifically for our youth ministry to be a life-changing, welcoming, Christ-driven place to be in 2009!
Let us pray that our core group gets stronger...our visitors become members of our crew...and that Jesus's love overflows through us, his friends and followers.
I, personally, am very excited about this year! Not just for the cool events we have lined up (which I will list below and also put on the calendar), but just the opportunity to be around you guys. You're such a great group of kids and love hanging out with you and being a part of your life right now.
To our leaders and older crew members: I'm challenging you with the great responsibility in being an important influence in our students lives. Stay in prayer about God working through you!
To our younger crew memebers: It's so awesome that so many of you are the same age. It's awesome because strength comes in numbers! Be loyal to eachother, look past small differences and personalities, and you will have true friends that you can rely upon in the upcoming years. And please...please....remember if only one thing.........JESUS LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!!
...and so will I.

Call me if anything,
214-901-1049 cell
972-722-0226 home

Here's a list of what we've got planned..actual dates will be posted on a calendar which I'll send to you/show you how to look at on our website...feel free to bring ideas!

Jan.- start cleaning up our volleyball court...this will be awesome when we're done!
Feb.- Scavenger hunt
Mar.- Shenanigan's (bowling, laser tag etc)
Apr.- 6 Flags/concert (Skillet/oh yeahhhhh)
May- 50's Sock Hop!
June- Girls sleepover/Boy's campout
July/Aug.- YOUTH CAMP...July 28-Aug-1st!! (Clear will be back/yes!!) maybe a 6 flags trip too
Sep.- Swim party/Water wars
Oct.- Costume lock in
Nov.- Paintball
Dec.- Youth Christmas Party!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Coming Soon!

Welcome to the web home of the Crossroads Student Ministry! This is going to be a place where the students of Crossroads Church can connect with what's going at Crossroads and what's going on with each other. Stay tuned for upcoming events and make plans to use this resource to connect!